The role of m3u lists and multimedia players in IPTV

For the moment what is a m3u list?

In this article we talk about m3u list. So, what is exactly m3u? Is a file format more precisely a playlists for viewing online iptv channels using m3u files.

We need to understand that IPTV digital television offers the possibility to view at full high definition (FHD). Big resolution TV channels is also present on IPTV far above analogue television.

By transmitting the Internet Protocol signal, Digital TV (IPTV) offers a large number of tv channels, as well as high-resolution (4K) channels. With high quality picture this technology is preferred by the viewers.

M3U playlist and IPTV players?

For these tv channels to be played, m3u lists are required, for this reason IPTV is in close connection with m3u lists.

Also, after the m3u playback lists have been obtained, a TV player is needed to watch IPTV. Choose between a lot of free m3u playlist or buying a package with premium m3u lists which offer thousands of International TV programs and local TV. Categories like sports, news, entertainment, cartoons and more others are included in m3u lists. All TV genres can be tracked through the m3u and IPTV lists.

Some of m3u lists you’ll find at htttp://

As I said above, to use m3u playlist is necessary to use some players. Here are our recommendation for the best three IPTV players for Windows and Android.

The first one, VLC Player, which is no doubt one of the best Universal Multimedia player that can run anything that you want to.

The second one is Perfect Player, and like VLC Player, can run the m3u playlist, but is not as familia with HD playback. The benefits at this player is the design and easy navigation compared with others multimedia players.

The third one, but not the last is Lazy IPTV Player, which is the complete player for PC. With all the features you can run for best TV experience both on Android and PC running Windows. Lazy IPTV Player seems to be the best solution for those using the PC.

If you want to know how to use m3u list and multimedia players, wathc this section

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