Rapid IPTV is a strange one as they have decided to buck the norm and go into hiding, while leaving a bulk of support to their Resellers.

We have decided to call it Ex Rapid as they technically no longer exist, except via resellers.

They do have a forum, but its slowly dwindling away as users cannot directly get IPTV there anymore and must now go through a set of hoops to get a Reseller who will sell them an IPTV subscription.

This is not such a bad thing, except it allows novice resellers to become business people at day one and many compete by dropping the pricing down to some ridiculous low level that seasoned Resellers cannot and do not want to compete with.

The result of such stupid marketing is that these Resellers cannot fund any more Credit and end up leaving their customers high and dry when they next want to renew a subscription.


Here is where the Rapid Service does shine as they have over 4000 Channels and their quality is quite good.

However, those running the show, seem not to know whats going on and some channels are dead, have no EPG, are mis-categorized and so on.


This is an interesting situation as we will need to rate Every Reseller as a seperate entity, even though they sell the same product, the speed of response, the support and even Channels are all left to the Reseller to decide and as such, we will RATE Rapid with a lower mark, so that Resellers can have a better chance in the limelight…

After all, its the Resellers doing all the grunt work now and in most cases, they are left in the dark over what “Rapid” is doing as the supplier has one of the poorest announcement systems we have ever encountered.

Resellers are essentially kept in the dark

No Notification of when updates will happen or no schedules that Resellers can announce to their clients, which makes it VERY hard for Resellers to do their job of informing their clients when there is downtime etc.

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1 thought on “Rapid IPTV – REVIEW

  1. Channels are all buffering all the time, support keeps telling me to check internet connection or try another device. Support is awful i asked to add .pl emails to the dashboard on the 26th and today Fab 1 they still have not done it. I tested other iptv channels they worked better so rapid iptv servers are not running the best. do not buy not worth it. support will keep telling you its your internet or device causing the buffering even tho its their servers

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