IPTV – Tips and Tricks

I read rather often people have different issues with service. In this Article, I will list a few iptv tips and tricks to make the experience as good as can be. I hope it helps someone!

1. Minimum recommended internet speed is 30mbit down speed. (test here: http://www.speedtest.net – choose against a server in amsterdam). I sugest a minimum of 50mbit. If you get buffers try to close all of the devices connected to your internet since they also “use” bandwith from your connection.

2. Connect if possible via TP-Cable directly to your device from router.

3. Always try to have latest FW on your router.

4. The router is like a car, after a while you need to get a new one. Wear and tear is like mileage in a car and traffic in the router should considered be the same. Most users change internet provider now and then but the router in most case stays the same. Manny users also have the provided router from the ISP and this router is far away from the best or even “good”. If you guys want tips on good routers just ask and ill give some suggestions.

5. For easy management of links like user link and or epg links with remote editing so end user dont need to anything. Register a free account at: http://www.bitly.com. Then you can make a custom short url.

IPTV Tips and Tricks

If your ISP blocking IPTV traffic there is no way that they will do something about it even if you give them the IPTV Servers IP address. You can make only things worst than it is by giving them IP so they could start to filter that ip. My advise is to configure your internal network better to achieve maximum from your isp and at the end if you are sure that ISP is filtering IPTV traffic to setup Nord Vpn or Pure Vpn with dedicated IP and streaming extension on.

I will remember you what you should do first to have decent home network connected to wan in the right way.

1. Make bridge in between your ISP Box and Router ( if you can not make a bridge than put your Router ip in DMZ on ISP Box )

2. Disable v6 protocol, IGMP snooping protocol, and muticast on Lan/Wifi

3. Use Google DNS and and static ip or by inserting DNS in your router for all devices or on your device

4. Check your MTU on your ISP Router. Default is 1500 for cable connection and 1492 for adsl or do the test here http://www.letmecheck.it/mtu-test.php

5. Set Qos on router with mac address of your TV Box and CDR ( please check this class maybe has changed ) with maximum priority to that rule (Classless Inter-Domain Routing is a method for allocating IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets)

6. Don’t use WiFi connection ( if you have to use WiFi make sure that WiFi channel of router is not overlapping with some other router with Android app WiFi analyzer )

7. Check class of your network cables as cables are different for 10, 100 and 1 gb links.

8. If you are using Windows for watching tweak your network with tcp optimizer http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php

9. If you are using Android after every boot turn on big tcp buffer size to eliminate buffering with bionic tcp ip https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spirilis.bionictcp&hl=enworks only on rooted devices.

10. Configure Kodi with advancedsettings.xml to use ram buffer. Also on Amazon firestick as it is slow you can edit this line in advancedsettings.xml to drop some frames from the stream and have playback more fluent.

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