This review is being done at a time when GenIPTV staff are DDOS attacking other IPTV suppliers in a vain and childish attempt to gain more clients.

GenIPTV comes from staff of another IPTV company, who believe they can do better and in some respects they have, but instead of just being as best as they can be, the immaturity of the management team has no bounds as they viciously attack competitors, send out Resellers to other IPTV forums and offer that other IPTV’s services and upon payment, switch the unsuspecting customer to GenIPTV.

The sad fact is that so much energy is being spent on attacking other services, that they cannot see that they do have a worthwhile product, that just needs fine tuning and development so they can expand on what they have, but have instead use the “Sandpit Bully” technique to oust competition using nefarious means.

Whether this is a squabble between rival companies could have been ignored when we wrote this review, however, as its about the customers, this cannot be overlooked, as it harms the end user in the long run and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

GenIPTV have a good channel list, albeit many lines are down, but they are in their infancy (in more ways than one) and can work out their streaming issues over time.

The website is modern and attractive and they also have a well laid out forum for discussion of issues, even though as we found out, their support staff dont do much in the way of solving issues.

Their pricing structure is good and so is their Reseller pricing and if they can simply concentrate in being a business and not thugs, then we would review them much differently and more on their service than their thuggery.

So in conclusion, I will re-review GenIPTV, once they stop their tantrums and can show the industry that they are a viable business, worthy of looking after users first and keep their squabbling in-house!

Author: deepiptv

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