How to watch arabic channels in USA

As you know, the population of Saudi Arabia, according to the last recession made in 2019, has 33 million people. Over 1.6 million migrated to the US and majority wants to watch arabic channels on TV in USA.

How to watch arabic tv in USA

The easiest way to watch arabic channels in USA is IPTV links. They are free and easy to use. All you have to do is to search arabic iptv links on google and download m3u playlist that contains iptv links.

To make easy for you, i will give you two website that offer free iptv links.


This two website are the best on this niches. They are updated every day, so you will have iptv links updated daily. Also you will find some tutorials and you will understand how to use iptv links.

Arabic TV box USA

Another method to watch arabic channels in USA is to use an arabic tv box. More exactly, arabic tv box is a device which guarantees you to watch on tv arabic channels. This method is not free, the device have the price between 100 and 200$. Once you have the tv box, you have to buy an iptv service from providers. The providers will offer you iptv links and that is all.

The best method to watch arabic channels in usa

Above i present two method to watch arabic tv in USA. First is using iptv links and second is to use arabic tv box. As you can see, on method two, you have to buy arabic tv box and iptv services. On method one all is free. If you want me to choose in this two methods, I will choose method one, because all services are free. The disadvantage at method one is free iptv links, because they are free and sometimes it may not work and you have to search another iptv links. Me I use those two website i show you above and i don’t have problems with links. They have list with tv channels from many countries.

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