Inventions and Innovations on TV

Even though many of us still embrace the old ways to watch favorite TV channels, we know clearly that the future of broadcasting is IPTV. For whom he has already experienced, he can say how it really is.
There are more and more people using IPTV, regarding at the huge popularity of VOD sites like BBC iPlayer, Sky + or TiVo. The trend is growing in the pay-per-view, in the duo of the large-scale.

Even if the transition is a little tougher, this is definitely the next step. Already in the last decade, large telephony companies face a new type of business, where cable companies come with both internet and telephony services. The strongest companies will simultaneously offer all three services: cable tv, internet and telephony.
One of the current problems for IPTV deployment is that several TVs are used in a home, and IPTV implementation on each of these would be rather costly.
Until they can get through this step, IPTV will not guarantee the quality of services as cable TV or satellite.

IPT is the new TV that does not freeze?

Even if it uses compressed video formats like MPEG2 and MPEG4, IPTV is currently experiencing packet loss, which is also visible in VoIP, but much more disturbing when it comes to television.
However, frosting times on TV are as nonexistent as providers ensure they offer complete and quality services, so we can say IPTV is NO FREEZE TV.

But what are the big advantages for using IPTV?

Based on its own Fiber Optic Network and offering the intrinsic advantages of this transmission support to classic transmissions (CATV, Copper), the ITPV service will provide the latest digital television standards: high definition image, unlimited programs and content , video-on-demand (VOD), nPVR (network Personal Video Recorder), multiple programming possibilities.

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