How much did I pay for IPTV?

Fulminating growth for IPTV in the coming years. But what’s the price?

About IPTV or how to get sound and image as being made directly on television, just by internet cable! It’s very simple, it’s all about installing an IPTV service. This type of service is growth every year worldwide, many technology enthusiasts are already moving to this new type of service.
If IPTV had over 40 million consumers last year, it is estimated that there will be fulminating growth in the coming years.
Most users are from France, over 24%, followed by the US and China by 16%.

Why you need to watch shows via IPTV

Practically, classic TV, either cable or even satellite, with IPTV, you can select, record and watch your favorite shows whenever you want. And the image is HD or UHD quality, that means you will have the image and sound just like you’ll be live at the place where is filmed.
You need to have a TV set, broadband internet access and a set-up box. The service is provided on the TV screen and not on the monitor. Thus, via the same internet cable they have television and internet.

IPTV technologies allow telcos and ISPs to deliver high quality video services over broadband connections, particlucarly DSL, which already have a large subscriber base, enabling new revenue generating opportunities.

From the beggining to now, there are hundreds of providers who offer IPTV services, but with what cost?

Here are some of these providers and the prices from their services of IPTV

IPTV EX is an IPTV service provider, and a company from Hong Kong, which allows users to subscribe to their monthly or annual package deals. It has over 100 channels that subscribers can actively stream on on. Users describe their services as being very fast and perfect streaming service! Stable and non-frezee with good communication on the support. The cost for an IPTV pack is 70 Euro for a half year, or 100 Euro for one year.

IPTV Box Pro is a satellite and streaming service launched in 2003. It features 12 hours of broadcasting and available in Germany, England, Spain and Bulgaria. The cost of an IPTV pack from IPTV Box PRO is 50 Euro for half year, or 80 Euro for one year.

Another provider is which offers more than 5,000+ channels that stream movies and TV shows 24/7. How much do you have to pay for 720p quality? Just $ 15 per month. Watching a high resolution at 1080p or 1400p, you’ll have to pay $ 25 per month.

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